Welcome to the end to end tradechain™ technology for alternatives

Award winning MATware is an electronic order processing framework which normalises the unstructured nature of alternative investments. It connects investors to counter parties to increase portfolio control and reduce operational risk.

Using tradechain™ processing, MATware enables all internal and external parties to participate electronically throughout the investment life cycle (investors, administrators, managers, custodians, treasury operations). This means your operations are more efficient and the information you have, more accurate.

Your oversight requirements are addressed by MATware’s expert business engine which forces timely and accurate data. It generates sophisticated analyses dynamically and transforms data effectively for use by alternatives investors and their systems.

Who uses MATware’s tradechain™ and why?


“The lengthy transaction process was standardised and managed seamlessly across the global operation. The same AuM was managed with over 50% less staff compared with others in the industry.”

Investment advisor

“Because trade completion data is available in real time, and the trade terms are held in a way that can be analysed across holdings, the reports being produced are second to none.”

Fund investor

“Timely, comprehensive and secure data delivers position level liquidity-based analysis of all underlying funds for a more complete risk picture.”

Family office

``A single electronic platform to consolidate all portfolios and cash holdings in one place means that the focus is now on critical overview and cutting-edge transactional capabilities.``

Transfer agent

“The paper based transaction process is an overhead for which transfer agents carry great risk and receive little reward. Electronic trade data capture addresses this imbalance.”

As industry experts, we have assisted institutional as well as more specialised clients with their requirements.

Key benefits

MATware will support you and your clients in reducing the operational risk of investing in hedge funds and alternative assets, and allow you instead to focus on managing investment risk and servicing your client.


Our software architecture facilitates flexible integration with all parties connected to the alternative transaction and across corporate boundaries.


The system supports the entire life-cycle of the trade and reduces operational risk. It supports unitised and monetised structures natively.


Because the system manages the entire execution and data chain for a trade, you can share data and processes with your clients and service providers.


With our granular data architecture, transactional data ensures sophisticated and accurate analyses unmatched in the industry.


Sophisticated user permissions allow you to securely control how and what data you share, and what features a user may access.


Focus on your unique added value to your clients, instead of diverting resources on a common paper-based process.


The lengthy and complicated process of alternative investments is made easy and manageable through our industry specific workflows and data structures.


The technology is available out of the box hosted by us or installed on your own servers.


Our scalable STP technology supports your growth in an expanding global market.

No more spreadsheets

Our tradechain™ business engine handles all the complex components of alternative investing in one place. This means that diverse facts are dynamically interpreted according to industry best practices to produce detailed and highly accurate outputs.

“Liquidity management has been of critical importance as managers and investors alike seek broader transparency and holistic views of their investments. Integrating the MATware application into our best-in-class solution enhances our front-office offering and helps us deliver a way for managers to more accurately monitor their cash availability in both an efficient and automated manner.”

Phil McCabe, Senior Vice President and Solution Head, SEI’s Investment Manager Services division

tradechain™ straight through processing

The foundation of MATware is an end to end transaction framework which powers functionality and analyses that are unmatched in the alternative investments industry.


All participants in an alternatives transaction can connect into the life cycle of that transaction.


They connect at the point at which each is responsible for the real-world data and process of the contract. The processes are thereby kept within legal and regulatory boundaries.


Yet the data, and processes, may be shared with all authorised participants along the full life cycle of the transaction.

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Your challenges have been our obsession for nearly two decades

The fragmented infrastructure and paper-based processes in this global asset class mean that your operational risk and overheads remain high and the market contracted. Since 1999 our tradechain™ technology has been designed to manage these specific risks.


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