For investment advisors

MATware’s easy-to-use secure interface grants you the high level of confidence that stems from knowing when a trade has been executed and at which price. Now you can really see where you stand on a day to day basis without the unpleasant surprises of the past.

see the trade cycle with an unprecedented level of dynamic detail, covering asset allocation, due diligence, liquidity risk and settlement processes

manage attribution and returns analyses more quickly and conveniently than ever before

see actual and hypothetical liquidity scenarios for your underlying fund allocations

view all investments across all portfolios, including hybrid assets

Portfolio liquidity technology you can trust

MATware is our core transaction-driven, fully integrated portfolio and liquidity management system for the fund of funds manager. It provides a total picture of every portfolio. Supported by fully integrated workflow, managers benefit from dynamic data – as real-time as it is possible to have anywhere in the alternative fund investment environment.

MATware draws on our proprietary web-delivered technology, making it easy to integrate with your existing systems. But beyond that, MATware also brings you much closer to your clients and counterparties using innovative processes not previously available to this industry.

MATware integrates functions and data to deliver true client and counterparty connectivity, enabling you to track, manage and display your portfolio positions with unrivalled depth of transaction handling.

This is all supported by outstanding analytical and reporting capabilities, enabling you to monitor and fully manage your underlying risk for a true picture of your day to day business.

MATware is supported by an experienced team of developers with long track records in the alternative investments industry. Its architecture is highly scalable, easy to deploy, and fully informed by our deep industry knowledge of fund management and back office operations.

So whether you’re trading your hedge fund portfolios, managing liquidity and what if scenarios, analysing lock ups or managing trade and settlements, MATware represents the next generation in managing your fund of hedge funds business.

Get MATware and get the picture. Contact us today for a live web demonstration of MATware.