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MATware was founded in 2004 (initially named Comada) to provide the alternative funds industry with technology solutions that would revolutionise operational processes and the way the industry communicates. Our vision has always been to deliver system solutions that make a real difference to our clients, which facilitate the way they do business, and help them to radically reduce operational risks. At the core of this delivery is our MATware transaction-driven technology.


MATware is a global company, with a full-time presence on two continents, and employees in several countries. Our directors and personnel have extensive track records in the alternative investments industry, combining technology, fund services, and hedge fund management.


Our experience provides us with unique insights into the way alternative investment firms and their service providers can use technology to introduce new efficiencies and tools, helping them to focus on their own mission critical deliverables and reduce costs.

Our team

Chandra Arandjelovic

Head of Delivery

Chan brings 30 years of comprehensive experience in securities and finance to MATware. Building on her early career and training in financial and management accounting, she developed her expertise in investment administration to hedge and private equity funds at Bank of Bermuda, latterly HSBC. Chan managed business units with progressive responsibility for accounting and securities professionals. But she has also spent a siginificant periods of time leading technology and change projects. Chan was Senior Vice President, Head of HSBC Alternative Fund Services leading a team of 140 investment service professionals. Chan has also been the COO of a multi-billion-dollar hedge fund and real estate investment business.

Chan brings to MATware a passion for making technology work in the real world of our client’s businesses. In leading the delivery to clients, she also offers the expert business knowledge and experience of having used systems with fund manager and service provider teams and that understanding continues to be valuable to many groups. Chan did her accounting studies through the Canadian Certified General Accountants.

Gurbhajan Bagh

Chief Technology Officer

Gurb has extensive post-graduate experience in software engineering. Having worked on both consumer and business technology and concentrated on native, high availability web systems for 15 years using a wide variety of technologies. He has led the technical team with a mix of skills needed to build and maintain a large high availability web platform with modern and efficient software control.

Gurb is obsessive about the relevance and usability of the user interface and, along with overseeing continuous improvements in application features and controlling technical debt, he has also directed the build of our software life cycle automation, for automated build, test and deploy features. These automation tools bring efficient development into our quality assurance process, ultimately with the real results being in timely client deliveries. Gurb completed his BSc (Hons) Computing Information Systems at University of Central England.

Gertrud Keazor

Co-founder and Head of Marketing

Gertrud leads the marketing at MATware and is a co-founder. She is a serial entrepreneur, leveraging her investment industry experience. While heading marketing support at Gaiacorp global fund management business over 25 years ago, Gertrud has been an early adopter and developer of client relationship and web technology to enable marketing and communications, including investor and client support. She subsequently built a technology consulting business to support boutique and institutional firms developing custom solutions in the alternative investments sector using browser-based technologies and was the first to deliver database backed web applications in Europe. Eventually this business-building led to designing and co-founding the fund trading platform FundXchange. Gertrud continued as a Managing Director on the development of the platform after its acquisition by Zurich Financial Services.

Gertrud brings the same keen focus which she employed in her youth as an international fencing champion to her analytical and business activities in communicating MATware’s value to institutions. She is motivated to bring clarity and understanding to the alternatives industry with innovative approaches to the connection between firms and their people.

Devandranauth Shastri

Co-founder and Head of Products

Dave leads the product development of MATware, as well as directing the technology team’s activities. Dave is a co-founder of MATware and has always focused on the product’s features and application to the industry. Dave had over 18 years progressive senior management roles in finance, capital markets, technology and investment servicing with Bank of Bermuda in Bermuda and London before joining FundXchange as a Managing Director. Dave continued as a Managing Director focusing on the product and client development of the platform after its acquisition by Zurich Financial Services.

Dave has spent much of his 30-year career on bringing technology into financial services by addressing the transformation of work processes and the values to both growth and efficiency. He is always excited to unravel the challenges of the bridges and silos that exist between people, processes and organizations. Dave also is a board director of a small number of multi-billion-dollar alternative investment firms. He completed his BSc (Hons) at Mount Allison University.

Rupert Vaughan Williams

Co-founder and Head of Sales

Rupert leads sales and sales strategy. He is a co-founder of MATware and is an experienced developer of client relationships. Rupert began his career in the Treasury Division at Morgan Grenfell in London 30 years ago.  He has since developed his career in marketing, sales and origination of hedge fund investment products in Europe Asia and the USA to a global audience. He has a strong understanding of building businesses for both boutique and institutional firms, working for Gaiacorp currency managers and subsequently AIG. Rupert recognized the challenges facing both the investors and managers of these complex products to connect and deliver in a scalable way. This challenge led to co-founding FundXchange as its CEO and continuing as a Managing Director following the company’s acquisition by Zurich Financial Services.

Rupert has a clear understanding of how the information experience enhances or diminishes the investor in making allocations and pulling investments. He has been dedicated to fixing the flaws which are especially prevalent in alternative investments. Rupert completed his BA (Hons) at the University of Buckingham.

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